What to Expect

Select your Loan Officer

Once you’ve called into JFQ Lending, Inc. you will be assigned one of our experienced and licensed loan officers.  Our experts will discuss what you’re wanting to accomplish with the new loan, review your credit and find different solutions to meet your financing needs.  Once we find a solution for you, we will advise you what loan documents we need like W2’s, Paystubs, Tax Returns, and bank statements.



Speak with one of our home loan experts who will guide you through the home buying process.  During this step we will find out your basic home loan needs such as: figuring out a comfortable monthly mortgage payment, the best type of loan to suit your needs, and you meet all of the needed qualification to secure financing on your dream home!

Pre-Approval Letter

Once we have taken the right steps to make sure you will be able to obtain a mortgage, we can then issue you a pre-approval letter. This letter will allow you and your realtor to shop homes you’re interested in and put in firm offers showing you can secure financing.  When the listing agent calls us to verify your offer and pre-approval, we then have the ability to be able to explain the strength of your buying power!  Most of our realtors favorite part about our process is our abilities to issue a new updated pre-approval letter almost instantaneously while you are home shopping on the weekend.

Find a Realtor

Don’t have one yet?  Click here, tell us you’re looking for a realtor and we will introduce you to one of our top partnered realtors in your area!  During this step you can now shop for, walk through, and even put an offer on your dream home!

Find your new home

Once you have a home you have decided on the next step is to put in an offer and negotiate a sales price with the sellers of the home.  Once the price is arrived at you will then execute a purchase agreement outlining the details of the transaction.  Now we can finally get started on your home loan!


Let's get Started!

Now for the fun part!  We will collect any remaining documents, foreshadow our next steps in the process and start working on closing your mortgage.  Once everything needed is gathered we will submit your loan to underwriting where your credentials will be verified by an underwriter.  Once underwritten there will be a few additional requests from the underwriter in order to be able to complete the loan.


Appraisal and Inspections

Once the loan is in the hands of the underwriter our next step is to get the appraisal and any additional inspections taken care of.  Since these normally are the longest part of the process we get these ordered on day 1 to speed up your closing time.


Conditional Approval-Resubmitted for Final Approval

Congratulations, you’re initially approved!  The underwriter has now done the initial due diligence on your loan and may ask us for a few more documents to be able to re-submit the loan for final approval and finish the process.  Once gathered your loan goes back to underwriting for one more review and signoff.  Your appraisal may have just been delivered or is expected back shortly.  We’re getting closer to getting you moved in!

Final Approval/Clear to Close

Congratulations, you’ve just about made it!  Now the loan has made it through the approval process and has been signed off on.  During this time the loan documents are being drawn and your loan expert will be able to set a closing time and place with you.

Closing - Here Are Your Keys!

Once you meet with the notary to sign your final documents we will work on the last stage of your loan which is making sure the funds arrive, so you can get your keys!  You will sign the final loan documents, we take care of the back end, and you can finally start moving into your new home.