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How are we different?
  • Thorough pre-qualification process before you put an offer on your home to ensure no hiccups once your offer is accepted.
  • Closing times in 30 days or less.
  • Experienced Mortgage officers to answer your every question and keep you in the know.
  • Step-by-step updates as your loan moves through process.
  • Priority processing to make sure your loan closes on time.
  • Once you are closed, we will monitor your loans interest rate to make sure you are always in the best loan possible. If rates drop, we call you!

what we do

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Looking to purchase a new home?

Are you looking to purchase a new home?  Well, we can help!  At JFQ Lending Inc., we know the home buying process can be a bit daunting.  That’s why we hold your hand through the entire process to make sure you are well qualified up front for the home loan you are looking for, keep you well updated through the entire process, and ensure every lender we work with treats purchase loans as a top priority.  JFQ Lending, Inc.’s expert mortgage bankers thoroughly qualify you upfront so there are no surprises and our operations team makes sure we keep extremely close tabs on your loan to get it from start to finish, right on time!

What loan types does JFQ Lending, Inc. offer?

with as little as 1 percent needed for down payment – 

One of the best parts about working with JFQ Lending, Inc. is we connect you with a number of top loan programs all which offer a very unique set of pricing and program guidelines. BY FAR, one of the best programs we offer is the opportunity to qualify and purchase a home with as little as 1% down on the purchase price*.  Even with less than perfect credit we can qualify many clients with as little down payment as 1%.  You can also get this option without paying monthly PMI!


with ZERO down payment required! – 

  • Qualified Veterans of the armed forces can buy a home without having a down payment
  • Fixed interest rates, and your loan is backed by the Veterans Administration
  • No Monthly PMI ever with a VA loan

requiring only 3.5 percent down payment! – 

  • Less than perfect credit, no problem! FHA is your option here
  • As little as 3.5% down payment required
  • Ability to purchase a manufactured or mobile home through FHA
  • Any term from 8-30 years available as well!

Ready to see what you qualify for?  Either send us a mini app here (link) or give one of our friendly mortgage experts a call at 1.833.681.5945 


Understanding credit

One of the most important aspects of qualifying for a loan of any type, especially a mortgage, is your credit report.  You will need to provide permission for the lender to pull your credit.

What is a credit report? It provides a lender with an overview of your financial health.  It’s compiled from many sources and put into a single report by credit bureaus that can be accessed by lenders.  A few examples include credit cards, car loans, student loans, and home ownership. Payment history, length accounts have been opened, and the amount of credit used are all things that can impact your individual credit score

Upon receiving this information back, a lender will be able to make a lending decision on whether or not you are approved. It is imperative you make timely payments in order to maintain the highest credit score possible to ensure the highest chance of approval.

Want to check your credit?

You can get one free credit report each year at Annual Credit Report. If your free credit report does not contain your credit score, you can purchase your FICO score directly from the three major credit bureaus:




Is your credit score too low?

If you are worried your credit score may be too low to qualify, please reach out to us directly! We have many programs that you may qualify for no matter how low your credit score is.  Our home loan experts are standing by and will gladly assist, fill out an application here and we’ll get in touch! 

Want to improve your credit?

If you are curious on how to improve your personal credit score there are tools/tips available to work on that. Check out this article from the FTC on Credit Scores and follow the advice there. If you’d like to apply with JFQ Lending, Inc. when your score improves we can also set a follow up appointment just let us know! Shoot us an email with a time to follow up and one of our home loan experts will reach back out, or give us a call at 1.833.681.5945